Heel clearance check

Hi Brent!

While toe overlap visualisation is quite clear, is there any way to check heel clearance in BikeCAD? Heel vs seatstay and heel vs (hooded) dropout?

*** i think I figured it out, sorry :slight_smile:

2 issues though:

  1. side view there is some distance between the heel and end of the chainstay tube, but on the down view the heel is much longer compared to the end of the chainstay
  2. there is no dropout visualization in the alt view

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In the side view, the position of the foot through the range of motion of the cranks can be controlled as described at: bikecad.ca/pedal_stroke. Meanwhile, in the auxiliary view, we see the worst case scenario where the crank arm is directly in line with the chainstay and the foot is parallel with the chainstay.

Unfortunately, the angles of the auxiliary views are determined by the angles of the chainstays and seatstays. This means to accurately represent the dropouts in the auxiliary view, I would need to take a cross section of a 3D model of the dropouts at the angle of the stay. This is currently beyond the scope of what can be done within BikeCAD. Fortunately, we have the export to FreeCAD option where you can import your model into a 3D environment for further inspection of dropouts and other frame elements.