Help....Are These Max Lugs and Bottom Bracket Shells?


I don’t know if anyone can help but I am slowly going through various parts I have bought as a general lot and working out what I want to keep and what I will sell on. I didn’t know if anyone could help as I was unsure if these are Max lugs and bottom bracket shells? They look to take oval tubing and have pictured them as best I can. There is surface rust which should clean up but haven’t tried as yet. I can’t see any markings on them. There are a couple of odd tandem (I think) bottom bracket shells as well.

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Based on these pictures it would appear so:

Columbus Max Lug Set | Flickr

Zanconato Handcrafted Bicycles › The MAX Project

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Thanks for the help.

Just need to workout if they are complete sets or just random items now.

From what I can see everything looks to be Max, except the one seat tube lug with fancy details. But given there are only 2 Max seat tube lugs, you can only build two “authentic” frames with what you have.

And what are the angles? In other words, are they MTB lugs or road bike lugs? I have a set of MAX OR tubes if you need dimensions.

Not sure how accurate this is: - View Single Frame Part

Thanks for the help. I actually have more of these parts by the looks of it but I am still going through a lot of lugs etc.