Help me buy a mobile welding table

Last night, I finished my TIG welding class at my local JC. It was awesome having access to the lab, but the booths are funky and the machines are tired. I just ordered a TIG machine with all the fixins, but I need to buy a welding table to continue practicing before I make my next frame later this fall.

Someone once said that a good alignment table is one of the most essential purchases, even before a frame fixture. I have limited space in my garage and need a table on casters that I can raise & lower and stash below my laundry area. My intention is to use this table as a jig, for alignment, and as a welding surface.

Strong Hand Tools makes just the table, but it’s only available in 48x30", and I prefer something slightly larger, closer to 5x3’.

My questions are: 1) Do I need something larger? 2) Are you aware of any plug-and-play alternatives priced similar to the Rhino Cart?

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There are definitely alternatives available depending on your location. Obviously shipping is a factor. Get as big as you can really. If you are going to use it as a jig base then you want to be able to fit the whole frame on. Anything smaller and you get into work arounds which is painful.


Yeah, I think the “sweet spot” is 48" x 36", but for some reason that size is not too common for a mobile welding table that I could find. You may want to check out Siegmund, but they tend to be non-mobile and quite pricey. Really wish the Rhino Cart was 48x36.

I ended up going the cheap route for now and got a Northern Tool - Klutch mobile table. $300.
I figure if this gets beyond the “hobby level” I’ll need to get something more substantial.

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I’m US based:

Take a look at the Arc Flat tables. I don’t have direct experience, but hear they are pretty modular.
Maybe @liberationfab has a few?

I also went the cheap route with this table from Harbor Freight.
My shop is also pretty small, but I already had a frame fixture and alignment stone, so my welding table didn’t need to double (triple?) as a super precision surface.

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That’s correct! I have two of them that I bolted together. They work great but aren’t that portable, the casting is quite heavy.

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Thanks for the responses! After posting this message, I emailed the sales team at SHT and am still waiting to hear back. The Siegmund looks awesome, and they make a larger 4x5’ table, but it’s overkill for my needs, and I can’t justify spending $6500 this early in my journey. That said, I firmly believe in the proverb, “You get what you pay for,” and I’m always happy to pay for quality. I’ll keep searching and report back after making a decision.

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Yeah, let us know what they quote you for the tables you inquire about.

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