In-line Gas Fluxer Consumables

So looking at finally setting up an in-line fluxer. What flux is everyone using? Can the Cycle Design paste flux be watered down to create the liquid flux?

Whoa, never even thought to try that. C’mon whoever knows, spill the beans. [ I’m skeptical ]

I’ve only used Gasflux Type W, so I can’t compare it to anything else. But it works, used it since the early '80s.

I got it last time from Framebuilder Supply because Gasflux Co. was ignoring me. I’m fine with going through channels, just tell me what they are OK?! :innocent: I’m over it.

I last tanked up a long time ago, dunno if FS still wants to rep them. I don’t see it on FS website, but you could ask.

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I’m in Australia so unsure if they will ship liquid Gasflux over. I get teh Cycle Design in through customs ok though so it might be ok.

With watering down, I know Dave Bohm has said it can be cut down to about 50% and still work as designed. I was just wondering if it could be watered down even more so the fluxer can work and whether there was still enough active ingrediant concentricity to be effective. We do have a Gasflux distro in Australia but really trying not to order from them if I can help it. They burned me with some bad product a while back.

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The carrier for the flux is some super solvent, not water. I would just get a gallon from the distributor it lasts a really long time.
Hahn Rossman


I’ll admit, my “I’m skeptical” was snarky. What I meant was “no way in hell”. I just wasn’t sure if you were kidding. You can’t have water coming out of your acetylene hose.

Dunno what the solvent is, maybe acetone? We know acetylene and acetone dissolve each other. It makes the yellow part of the flame turn green, is all I know.

I think there are one or two other brands of “flux in the flame” but Gasflux is the only one I’ve used. If they’re not available in the antipodes, maybe another brand is.

Who did you get your device from? Maybe they know where to get the liquid.


Haha. All good man. I was skeptical too and kind of got the answer I expected out of you both. It was more of checking in here in case someone had a definitive answer but sticking with the tried and true is the correct way to go.

I ahven’t bought a device yet. The Gasflux one is Aus$2000 new which is out of my budget for a while. I can see other units online for less than Aus$1000 but am unsure of their quality tbh.

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I got mine used on ebay. It was incredibly ugly so no one bid. They always look ugly because whatever that solvent is, it seeps past the gaskets and the flux builds up in a crust that looks like a hazardous waste dump.

I rebuilt it, the crusties all came off easily and it looked great – for maybe a week until it started seeping and getting crusty again.

Anyone know a solution (no pun intended) or are they all doomed to look crappy?

The auction price was cheap and then it arrived, with a Meco Midget torch attached! Not even mentioned in the description. I like it, weird/cool torch.

Waiting for one to show up used might require patience.


I bought mine used from CycleFab in Seattle in a similarly “terrifyingly crusty” condition. I had it professionally refurbished by Gasflux and it came back so shiny and pristine that I almost wonder if it was the same unit I sent in. It cost $200 which is steep but reasonable in my mind.


And has it stayed pretty since then? Or do the gaskets leak even after a factory refurb?

It still looks brand new a year+ later!


Liquid gasflux has an acetone carrier so essentially you are shipping acetone and that can cost quite a bit. What it is exactly I don’t know but you may try to dissolve the powdered bronze flux cycle designs sells and if it goes into solution then it may work. I built my own fluxer outta an Harley oil tank. It’s worked great for years.


Chers Dave. By the time I order the powder from the US I may as well just order the Gasflux from Melbourne and just swallow my pride. LOL

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You can get replacement gaskets for it from gasflux co, which from the sounds of things might be what yours needs.

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Has anyone had direct experience with any of the off-brand gas-fluxers? I’m also looking to add an in-line fluxer to my setup

I have one from Plasmatech Model W Gasfluxer.
Bought it second hand( probably third or more hand) had it serviced at my local welder shop and bought flux locally (holland) and it works like a charm.
Before I fiund flux locally I contacted Plasmatech and would ship the flux to holland from the uk. I don’t know what custums would think about it.

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I did get a different brand flux, will check the brand later


My friend visited Fern in Germany and they were happy with their Chinese Gas Fluxer. To my understanding it was the type XRHF-158M-B Stainless steel series welder generator. The manufacturer is Zhejiang Xinrui Brazing Technology Co.Ltd and they promptly returned my email when I wrote them about ordering a one. Haven’t had the time to finish the deal yet.

Price 450 USD, shipping to Finland was 210 USD.


Cool. I’ve seen that same design on both Ali and eBay for similar pricing. Might just order one and go over when it gets in and make sure everything is seated nicely. It’s obviously not under a high pressure but I don’t want any gas leaks. That would be rather adventurous if it ignited :boom: :laughing:

Didn’t find a brand name, but this was on my jerrycan of gasflux

:dizzy_face: nasty!

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