Integrated Bicycle Locks

Some time ago I ran across Tony Pereira’s build with an integrated bike lock. (Image below).
I’m working through an idea right now for a delivery bike and I’d like to do something similar.

I’m in the process of “reverse engineering” a few kryptonite locks and it seems like the design has been updated: the “J” bend at one side has been removed; instead, the deadbolt engages both sides of the U (1 mechanism). Based on that it seems like the Pereira idea wouldn’t work unless I find some old stock (not out of the question but . . .)

Has anyone done something like this? I’m not so worried about locking a bike up for an extended amount of time, I’m more interested in keeping honest people honest when someone’s doing an UberEats/GrubHub pickup/dropoff.

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Let me just add that this is not the kind’ve thing I wanna do:

A bicycle frame lock - comfortable and secure – I LOCK IT

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The Ilockit version is super popular in the Netherlands. It’s a little awkward in regards to what you do with the chain while riding. Most people just wrap it around the seat post where it rattles around and wears all the paint off the top tube and seat stays.,…

Yeah I’ve seen that on a few bakfiets. I’d like something that’s a bit more integrated.

My kryptonite new-u mini 5 still has a j-bend.

Hey Tom -

Is this for the Cycle Truck? I can’t find a better picture, but Sycip has done this on a few cargo bikes with integrated front racks… I believe he strips and welds the whole u-lock right into the rack. Always caught my eye…

Good luck!