Integrated Headset Steel Headtube

Hi everyone. I am planning my next build, a Omnium cargo bike clone. I would like to use an integrated headset on the front fork to keep the front cargo platform as close the ground as possible.
I have never used or even seen an integrated headset. Do the cups get brazed into a specific sized head tube?

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I think most of the integrated headtubes are made in Asia, because they require tube swaging to keep the cost down (that way you are not machining down an entire bar stock.

There are people who weld or braze on the IS cups: 1 1/8" Integrated Head Tube Ends | Solid Bikes

Firefly fusion welds (and post machines?) the lower cup on their headtubes:

@Carl_Snarl had some cool IS cup options:

I think the easiest solution would be to use a zero-stack lower in a 44mm headtube: ZS44/ZS44 – White Industries . That way you can buy an off-the-shelf headtube and not need to buy a whole new set of reamers for IS.


A zero stack headset is what I want! I had no idea that a zero stack headset was a thing. Thank you so much!


We also have IS41-47 and IS41-52 tapered 4130 steel headtubes here at Paragon if you don’t want to have to weld a cup onto a tube. We do make them from solid bar stock as Daniel mentioned, which is why they are expensive to buy, because they are expensive to make. The 41-47’s are on blowout pricing right now though so if you are building for 1-1/4 to 1-1/8 taper you could get a great deal.

Thanks for that!

A few other options for you at . Not sure what your head tube length since was not specified, so that would determine your choice in some ways

For EC44 most versatile will be the 47/44 head tube stock which you can cut down to any desired length and can be used for 1-1/8 straight steer with a ZS44-28.6 upper and ZS44-30 lower, and for tapered 1-1/8-1-1/2 use ZS44-28.6 upper and EC44-40 lower 47MM Ø X 1.6 X 200MM HEAD TUBE STOCK — BICYCLE FABRICATION SUPPLY

Same headset combos , but these head tubes are machined to size so you must choose

This option is for 1-1/8 integrated and length is mostly geared towards the BMX market. SHIS:IS 42/28.6 upper IS 42/30 lower head sets are used. HEAD TUBES MACHINED BMX STYLE IS42/42 — BICYCLE FABRICATION SUPPLY

hope this helps with some extra options to complete your cargo build. Have fun with it.

Cheers Andrew


I appreciate the recommendations. Thank you!

Does anyone here know why Cyclus Tools does not have a cutter for ec44? I only have the zs 44 and it doesn’t cut deep enough into the head tube to press in the Chris Kind cup

Okay found the right one.

you can also put a spacer behind it so it cuts deeper into the head tube after you’ve done the first cut. depth.

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so easy and so smart:D