Interest in some basic business/financial guidance?

I’m on the rookie side of the frame building spectrum and have been sucking up the knowledge everyone has been sharing. I’d love to give back as much as I’m taking. I work in business for my day job, specifically helping startups and small businesses with growth planning, process improvement, financial planning, internal controls, and bookkeeping. I work a lot with both manufacturing companies and creative freelancers, two categories most frame builders fall in to. If there’s interest I could pull together some basic resources for key concepts like proforma financial statements, cost-based price setting, margins, overhead etc. Let me know, I’d be happy to contribute what I can to the community.

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I think this would be amazing.

If anyone thinks it’s helpful, I’d be happy to add something about the basics of solo 401k plans (ie, how to set one up), HSAs, and other tax strategy topics for framebuilders/very small businesses.



The survey shows 100% interested. That’s a pretty clear result. I’ll start putting some stuff together. I think I’ll focus on pro forma income statements. That will include forecasting sales, budgets, owners pay, cost-based price setting, and some other stuff. Let me know if there are any specific things anyone is interested in.