Internal Cable Routing Port Identification

I’m working with a titanium frame that has internal cable routing ports with interchangeable covers like shown below. Dimensions are approximately 8.8mm x 35.75mm. One of the covers for the ports is broken and I’m trying to replace them. All-City appears to sell these covers for their Cosmic Stallion frame so it makes me think its a catalog part from some framebuilding supply house. Anybody know who else might sell these?

If the frame is made in Taiwan, it probably uses ports from Allotec:

If it is made elsewhere, it’s probably different.

I’m 99% sure these are from ORA. Funny enough I was just drafting an email to place an order for these very inserts. To my knowledge no suppliers in the US that offer them. DM me which ones you’re after and I’ll let you know how much and what the MOQ is.


Those are definitely the ones. DM sent.

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