Internal routing and Di2 cables

Hello dears, I’m currently building a gravel bike that will later be fitted with a di2 derailleur. Does anyone know where I can buy these inserts from? Attached is an example photo. I thought this topic could go into more detail about internal routing. Thank you in advance.

Jagwire makes plug kits for 8mm holes. I suggest using those. Most suppliers that carry Jagwire products can get the plug kits and the kit includes, di2, derailleur cable, and sealed plugs.

but the steel braze in?

Where did that photo come from?

It’s hard to tell, but I think that photo is an allotec port + derailleur cable insert + a rubber grommet for Di2

Braze on: long hole cable place(E60) - Allotec Co., Ltd.
Insert: big slanting hole+small round hole(E63) - Allotec Co., Ltd.

Nick is referring to these Jagwire plugs which fit into a 8mm hole:

the picture i found on insta but i don’t remember the name of the builder
8 mm hole with a ring on it? ore like a bottle boss? is it strong enough if i only drill a hole and put the jagwire lug on it?

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The Jagwire grommets are meant for ~2mm thick frames - I’ll usually braze on a washer to the tube, then drill out to 5/16" (7.9mm).

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I braze one of our bottle boss reinforcements on, then use the 1/4” hole as a guide to drill the tube.

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I get these braze-ons and the inserts from Ceeway in the UK.


This one is nice, but I didn’t found on ceeway. Maybe I have to check it again

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If you look under the what’s new category and scroll down a short bit you’ll see them.


Seems like the original reference photo is using this spherical grommet:


Still have no idea what that black insert is… Upon closer inspection, it does not seem to be an allotec port (too rounded).

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