IS mount to PM problem


I have built 2 Jigs, one for the front is and one for the rear is mount standard. Searched all the internet to find drawings, but in the end it worked out. So I have designed them with fusion 360 and cut them on a laser cutter, redrilled the holes and made some threads. I also made some dummy axles and some Is mounts to weld on the frame.

Yesterday I taked the first is mount in place and thought maybe check it before welding the whole thing in. It was a good thought because placement of the caliper is not right.

Maybe someone can help me with this problem, because at the moment it all makes no sense to me.

Here are the drawings from the jig for front an rear:


That’s the whole set

Here I taked the is mount:

I am using a 160mm rotor and this Avid PM caliper but the caliper is hitting at the rear part of the disc brake.(marked it with an arrow)

Do you have any recomendations on fixing that issue?

Best regards from Austria Sebastian

Your caliper uses Avid CPS washers between the adapter and caliper.



Like Walt said.

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Nice DIY tool design, feel free to post it up: Show off your shop-made/DIY Tools! - #25 by sikocycles

I think you pasted your rear drawing twice. Regarding the standard, your rear is correct. I was also having trouble finding the standard online, so I created this drawing based on the Shimano frame specs. When I get a chance I will create a brake standards thread.


Thank you very much @anon91558591 and @sikocycles I think that will solve my problem!
I bought the calipers used and they didn’t come with that washers.

@Daniel_Y thank you, I will make a post on the diy tools thread.
Yes that’s true, I have posted the wrong picture, that’s the right one.


This is what you will need