Is there any standard for idlers?

I want to make a high pivot bike soon, does anyone know if there is any standard that they are usually made to or off the shelf items? I would prefer to make a bike to a standard than end up with some custom oddball thing that is a problem whenever it wears out.

By standard idler, do you mean tooth profile? or mounting profile? Or an idler that most bikes share?

Have you seen this? It looks like a great idea:

It allows you to use a replaceable splined cog/chainring a carrier:

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I would recommend using a Shimano HG spline pattern or potentially the disc 6-bolt profile for mounting. This will allow you to use singlespeed cogs and/or singlespeed adapter kits.

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I was thinking more mounting profile. The jank components option looks good.

Shimano spline would probably be outside of my ability to machine, though could probably find a old hub to sacrifice and sleeve for bearings. Will have to think on that one. If there’s single speed sprockets with 6 bolt pattern that is something I could machine up myself. Not sure if single speed sprockets would really be the go with regards to chain retention though so might end up going with the jank option if nothing else crops up

Cannondale just uses an aluminum pulley with a bearing pressed in and a shoulder bolt.


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That looks like a nice simple option that I can probably get locally

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Contra Bikes has a couple interviews on how to design a high pivot bike that are super informative. He’s also helpful if you message him on IG.

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