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Hello Custom Frame Forum! Very stoked on the new forum as a platform for us to share and learn. Thought I’d take a minute to introduce Jackalope Bikes:

My name is Jack Sutter and I started Jackalope summer of 2021 after listening to Joe (Cobra Frame building)'s “Shut Up and Build Bikes” podcast.
I grew up in Reno, NV. My background is in metal fabrication. Started doing blacksmithing and architectural metalwork at 18. I learned TIG and Machine Shop at Truckee Meadows Community College. I worked at a CNC shop for about a year, as well as at Moment Skis during 2016-17. Moment is the largest ski manufacturer in North America. That experience really opened my eyes to what North American manufacturing can look like.
I moved to Whistler, British Columbia in 2018 to build trails with Joyride Bike Parks. After that summer, I worked in the ski industry while getting my Canadian Residency. I found my first real shop in Revelstoke, BC in 2020. At the time I was just aiming to do fabrication work. Automotive, Architectural, Sculptural… But then I got sucked into the bike world through frame building (thanks Joe). Now I’m “pouring the slab” for the long term goal of making bikes full time.
My friend and colleague Jeff who also lives in Revelstoke is helping out with some of the heavy lifting in CAD.
We’re enrolled in a program to get development assistance and grant money to R&D new bikes and set up a manufacturing operation. Lots of exciting stuff, people and governments all want us builders to succeed. Believe!!

I completed my first bike in winter 21/22 and am finishing my second now. My approach is probably not very normal or safe for most people. I now have an Incorporated bike company and am going all or nothing with the business. My shop’s build has been the main focus going into 2023 when I anticipate getting really busy building bikes. I’m wrenching at a local MTB shop 3 days/week and plan to be self employed in 2024. Big plans for Jackalope!

I believe in an open source world much like the Underpaid Intern himself! So thanks to people like Daniel, Joe, Kris Henry, and all the other amazing humans in our little world for sharing so much information. Really look forward to actively contributing to the forum to help each other make more bikes. Ultimately if we combine forces we can compete with overseas manufacturing.

P.S. We should form a frame builder’s union…


@Jackalope Welcome!

This is really cool. What category did these grants fall under? Local manufacturing/business? Or were they outdoors industry, transportation, fitness, etc…?

Also what an awesome shop, I’m jealous!

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Hey Daniel, the grants are under the manufacturing sector. The government of BC is searching for other sources of economic sustainability within the province since logging is slowing down.