Jan Heine's "The All-Road Bike Revolution"

Hey framebuilders,

Was curious to see what everyone thought of this book. I read it last year and really enjoyed it. When keeping in mind that it is talking about all-road bikes, and their variances, I found it to be pretty informing. I really enjoyed the tire kinematic portion, talking about tire width / tread, and that skinnier tires don’t necessarily perform better than wider ones with similar tread patterns.

I enjoyed how Jan broke down the watts you’d save by going to ceramic bearings vs. losing a bit of weight or using a wider tire.

The book is also full of lovely illustrations that capture the book’s contents beautifully.

I think I’m due for a re-read!

The All-Road Bike Revolution


IMO, it should be required reading for anyone interested in bicycle design.

Although the book’s focus is on all-road bikes, the chapters about bicycle handling and frame stiffness can be applied to any bike.

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There better be a couple chapters about planing.



@anon91558591 At this point it would be a crime if he didn’t mention it :laughing:

yes thats a good read

Planing is thoroughly discussed and is very insightful!

Oh heck yeah! I’m a big ol drinker of the Jan Heine kool aid. Especially coming from the Seattle area with all the BQ heavy hitters like @hahn_rossman & @Alex, it’s hard to not look lustfully at skinny steel tubes and big tires. This framework has definitely influenced some of my own “all-road” designs and musings.

I’d be very interested to see how my long-chainstay Ti frame feels to Jan. I think it might “plane” more than any other bike in existence :joy:



How long did you go? I’ve been riding an ‘all-road’ bike I built with 470mm chainstays. It’s crazy smooth.

I went with 515mm stays! I’ll throw details about it in my build log soon-ish, but this is the bike.

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