Kingdom Trails Ride 9/30/23

With New England Builders Ball postponed, @sikocycles and I were talking about getting a ride together for the Northeast frame building crowd to gather, hang out, do a heckin mtb ride, check out bikes, talk frame building, put faces to names, all the good stuff.

We propose to get together for a ride at Kingdom Trails on Saturday 9/30/23. We still need to iron out some details.

We will work on getting a plan together and post more details as we sort it out. This will be a pretty informal, relaxed gathering. We can get something together for a pedal on Sunday am too if there’s enough interest.

Let us know if you’re interested in joining!


Sounds like a plan. It’s a 5 hour drive for me so I may go Friday also.
Let us know.

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I’m going to be up there the weekend before on the 23rd/24th- I doubt I’ll be able to pull off two weekends in a row.

I’d love to shoot for a more local ride at some point too, in the Pioneer Valley region.



Hoooo! I will check this if I can make it


I’d definitely be interested in a ride/meetup this summer or fall but unfortunately I’m busy on the weekend of 9/30

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9/30 works for me! Could also do 9/23 or 10/14 or 10/15. Looking forward to meeting y’all.


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Let’s plan to meet up for a 10:00 AM ride on Saturday 9/30 from the KT parking lot by Mikes Tiki Bar.

I reserved camping for Friday and Saturday nights. If you’re into a Friday afternoon or Sunday morning ride/hang out let’s get some plans going. I think @sikocycles is going to be up the same days.

Looking forward to meeting up!


Making plans now.

Edit campground booked

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There is a parade in town tomorrow morning, so we’re going to meet up at the inn parking lot at darling hill instead of the tiki bar!

Still 10:00 am, I’m not sure what the parking cost is, we’ll be riding from the campground in West Burke.

  • The Inn at Mountain View Farm
  • 3383 Darling Hill Rd, East Burke

We had a good day of pedaling up at at KT, I forgot how different the trails are compared to other New England riding. Excited to get another one going next year!