Lightweight Oxy/Acetylene hoses?

Has anyone used the Ultra Light Weight Welding Hose from Tin Man Technologies? Where are the on the spectrum between heavy rubber hoses and Smith’s kevlar hoses? I got a kevlar set from Freddy Parr almost 20 years ago and they turned my Smiths AW1 into a magic wand. But the liner started cracking and leaking from age. Any other suggestions for a light and flexible hose?

I haven’t built a frame in 16 years but want to see if I can still make a couple, despite Essential Tremor in both hands.

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I’ve had a set for about 5 years. They’re great. I don’t think I’d ever go back.
I should probably pick up a second.


Ive had those hoses connected to the meco midget torch for over 5 years. They work great, show no signs of wear, and make the set up more functional. They could be longer!


Thanks for the replies, I just ordered a set. About the length, I have rubber hoses running up to my ceiling and attached my kevlar hoses to them. This way my kevlar hoses never touched the floor and didn’t get stepped on.


I use them and really like them. I waited for a long time to get them, and I wish I’d just done it from the outset.

-Jim G

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I use the MillerSmith kevlar hoses and I’ve liked them a lot. Got them after seeing the lightweight lines you had at your shop, Mark/BikesmithDesign! Can’t remember where I got them but they were this model- Miller Smith 14779-4-10 Kevlar Brazing Hose 10 Feet

This is a bit of a tangent, but I use a Gasfluxer and have seen some wildly corroded hoses in other folks’ shops when paired with Gasflux usage. I followed their manual to buy Grade T hose which has more resistance to oil than Grade R (standard O/A) hose. It is heavy and inflexible as sin though!

Do those of you who use the thinner hose use a Gasfluxer as well?

I suggest asking Tin ManTech about GasFluxers. Contact TM Technologies

I do not use a gasfluxer. Someday perhaps. But so far can’t speak to additional corrosion.