Looking for a specific plug-style rear dropout

Going out on a limb and maybe somebody here can help! In search of a replacement dropout for a 90s GT Timberline. Pics below. I’ve seen the same maker’s mark on other dropouts available now but I can’t find one that quite matches. It’s a bit obscured in the photos but the angle is 55°. I’d love to be able to just plug another drive side one in, but if I can’t find the right one I’ll just replace both sides with a different style. Thanks for any help!

90s GT timberline = braze or weld a big chunk of steel in there to reinforce and call it good.

I mean, the frame (and probably the entire bike) is worth less than a set of new dropouts, let alone the labor. Why spend the time completely replacing the dropouts when you can patch it up to safe/rideable condition in 5 minutes?



That was my thought too. Clean the fracture up and join the two tangs together and brace them against each other.


I have always theorized that metal 3D printing could be a cool tool for frame repairs. You could easily reverse engineer that dropout in CAD and print it.

It would probably only cost $40-50. However, not sure it’s worth the engineering time and money. It would be a really cool project.


I know it’s not worth much effort economically, but the bike is sentimental to the guy. It was a gift from his late wife and reminds him of her. I feel like I kind of have to do the repair justice. Thankfully he’s not concerned about aesthetics!

Not much meat in that dropout, is there? I was hesitant to just weld the break back together, thinking it wouldn’t last.


Maybe Ceeway might have something? I tried to internet search and the 55 degree part is hard to find :frowning:

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Yeah, cool idea Daniel. Totally out of my wheelhouse, but I am curious about 3D modeling. I’ll have to dive in one of these days. Your frame tutorial would be a good place to start!


You’d weld it back together then add a small triangle of ~1/4” plate in the acute angle between the tabs. I must have repaired 100 old campy dropout frames that way. If you take a little care it can actually look nice, or you can go full redneck if you aren’t concerned with aesthetics.



Thanks, Walt! I’ll get it patched up and forget about replacing the dropouts.


I would think that welding the dropout back should be enough, is it not?