Looking for modular dropout CAD: Allotec C40

Does anyone have cad data or part drawings of the inserts for the (C-40) peanut style dropout that allotec makes? Frame builder supply sells the parts, but only has a drawing for the receiver on their site. I’m considering using the modular dropouts for my single speed to future proof it a bit incase it ever needs a derailer.

I’m searching for the C-41, C-42, and C-43 inserts.

Thanks in advance!

I couldn’t find it on their web, so I sent them an email requesting the CAD with my very official-looking neuhaus metalworks email :rofl:

Maybe someone else already has the files.

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Not sure if its the exact same dropout, but BikeCAD already has a static drawing called “Nova Modular 142/12”. I’m pretty sure if its in BikeCAD then @BikeCAD likely has some STEP file available.

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Thanks Daniel, I super appreciate it!

Looks like the same thing! Doesn’t necessarily have to be a step file either, I’m happy to make a model from a drawing and share a step of it.

I’m curious to see how the spacing relates between the different inserts.

I’m not super familiar with these dropouts, has anyone built with them and have any feedback about them?

Failing getting a file you could order a set if and grab your calipers and model away.

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1.5 hours later…

Hi Daniel,
Please see the attached.
Thank you
Best Regards
Carrie Hung 洪竺君

3289-C43L.IGS (240.5 KB)
3286-C42R.IGS (295.2 KB)
3288-C43R.IGS (360.0 KB)
3287-C42L.IGS (300.1 KB)
3285-C41L.IGS (421.5 KB)
3284-C41R.IGS (651.8 KB)
3290-C40.IGS (396.1 KB)

I have always been impressed by how responsive and helpful the Asian manufacturers are. Its almost like they build millions of bikes per year :thinking:

If someone wants some CAD homework, they can do the 2D drawings for these parts!

Edit: I thought they only sent me the DS dropout peanut, but turns out you just flip the peanut over for the NDS :rofl:



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Amazing! Thanks so much, I super appreciate the help!

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I’ve used them a fair amount. Spacing wise, if I take your meaning, you can swap between the 135 qr insert and 142 thru axle, which is cool. It’s a bit of a bummer that your dummy axle needs to be compatible with the threaded DS insert if building with the thru axle insert. The inserts get a bit toasty when brazing the dropouts. It would be super cool if someone made a steel insert for use during fabrication.


Thanks for that feedback, that’s what I was trying to wrap my head around spacing wise.

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Here are the Nova Modular dropouts overlaid with the Allotec C40s . As you can see, they are very similar. The Nova dropouts in BikeCAD only have the 142/12 Thru axle inserts. I’ll be sure to add these Allotec dropouts to the next update of BikeCAD. Thanks for sharing these @Daniel_Y .


I’ve added Allotec C40 dropouts to the next update of BikeCAD. I’ve also included C41, C42, and C43 inserts. Check out the video at: bikecad.ca/allotec for a note about dropout angle.


Does the axle spacing change when swapping between the QR and track ends? I assume not.

I’m trying to work out a way to incorporate this system onto a carbon road bike (Cervelo R5 with a broken dropout). I reckon I could (with about a year’s worth of learning CAD!) design and 3D print a mould that would combine the peanut shape and mounting holes with a plug-fit for the chainstays and seatstays of the frame. I could then make the frame ends using forged carbon fiber and bond/wrap them onto the frame.

Or a simpler/quicker option might be to cut the dropouts off, bond on the steel frame end and use the frame itself as a pattern to make a mould of the final shape. Alignment might be easier this way, as I could just bolt the dropout chips together on a dummy axle to ensure the mating faces are parallel, the dropout slots are in the right plane and the OLN spacing is right, all at once and on both sides simultaneously (I originally wrote that sentence describing how it would be more difficult, and I realised the solution while typing!).

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The QR and Track ends are spaced identically.