Lots of Framebuilding Tools in Santa Cruz

A friend shared this CL ad with me, and I thought I’d pass it along in case anyone here is interested. No relation whatsoever to seller, please don’t contact me for more info, etc.


Bicycle Frame Building Equipment (Santa Cruz)

Henry James Frame and Fork Jig:
Blanchard ground aluminum plate with all the bits and protractor
mounts to heavy duty steel stand with Park pivot head

Henry James Brake Bridge Jig:
brake bridge and cantilever boss attachments

Horizontal Milling/Drill Machine:
110 or 220 Volt
18-⅛” x 7-½” Travel
Step Pulley Head
40” wide x 36” deep x 74” tall

Anvil Fixtures:
Chainstay Mitering Fixture
Seatstay Mitering Fixture
Main Tube Fixture (mounts to Phase II Rotary Table)
Fork welding/brazing fixture
Feng Shui, Baby! disc tab welding jig

Custom Fixtures:
Aluminum v-blocks for mitering
Fork tube mitering fixture
Various cable stop brazing fixtures

Park Tools:
BTS-1 Bottom Bracket Tapping and Facing Set
HTR head tube reaming and facing set (1" and 1-1/8")
SG-7.2 oversize adjustable saw guide
SG-8 saw guide
TNS-1 Threadless Nut Setter
FFG Frame and Fork Dropout Alignment Gauge Set
FAG-2 Frame Alignment Gauge
DAG-2.2 Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge
CRP Adjustable Crown Race Puller
CRS-1 Crown Race Setting System
CRC-1 Crown Race Cutting Tool (1" & 1-1/8")

Ball bearing lower chest:
44” wide x 19” deep x 41” tall

Frame alignment fixture:
Tecnal La Precisione
Stress relieved precision steel plate
Made in Italy

Cutting tools:
Hole saws 5/8" up to 1-1/2" multiples (lots of saws)
Mandrels from Paragon machine works
Angle pivot heads for fixturing on mill
Phase II Vertical Horizontal Rotary Table 8" #221-308
Adjustable hand reamer and ball hones (for seat tubes)


All of this equipment is lightly used and meticulously maintained.
And is of excellent quality for the task, and is in excellent condition.
Everything you need to build a frame is here, except the torch of choice (TIG or oxy/acy).

Located near downtown Santa Cruz

if you are interested in anything separately, make an offer


Thanks for sharing, thats a lot of nice kit for sale !

Thanks for sharing! I am traveling now, but its ~30min from my home. There is some really nice stuff in there. I imagine it’s a tough sale as a whole package.

I really want that main tube mitering fixture

Same as @Daniel_Y I am also 30 minutes from there. If anyone wants to negotiate with the seller, I can pick up and ship for you.

Planning to drive myself up to MADE in August as well. Just have a subaru Crosstrek so no space for that mill :joy:

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Renting a trailer is $19 a day from U-Haul with unlimited mileage, just saying… :smiley:

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I will message him for the main tube miter fixture. I have a company in Hayward and can ship to CT

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Is everything gone? The link to the ad has been pulled or is no longer valid.

Yo! Interested in milling machine, but looks like Craigslist post deleted. I assume its all sold?