Made parametric bike model in Fusion, seems to be stable with changes in parameters. If anyone is interested in the model file let me know

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I’m just learning Fusion and would love to check our your CAD model! I’m contemplating a custom build in wood with metal inserts as necessary and am trying to land on workable geometry. I imagine it took quite a bit of work to get this together. I still need to figure out how parameters work and how to make the best use of them.

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I will see if I can post the file.

The file is just over the 4mb limit, here is a download link.

This is a GT Avalanche frame that I converted to an ebike using a Bafang ultra. So this was an exercise to see if I could get this modeled with the motor mount and drive unit. I have been riding the bike for four years and works well, just regret choosing the the ultra drive as it is just to heavy. Will continue with the model to include the motor mount.

Model with motor mount.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out!

This is awesome. Thanks for posting it.

Was wondering if you are using the hobbyist version of Fusion and you could work with the model with it.