Magnolia Road frame build

Here’s a few shots of my most recent build. It’s nearly complete. Still deciding on paint though. Hope you enjoy. (yes, my shop is a disaster zone and it accurately reflects my ADHD brain :rofl: )

Mitered and in the jig ready to tack.

Brake check 1,2

Brake check 1,2

Bottle bosses in place

Mitering for the bb

Seatstay check

Looks good to me.

Seat stay bridge

At this point it is brazed and ready for the detail work. I used nickel silver on this build and although the headtube fillets ended up about the same as a bronze the others are a bit smaller. I’ve seen some nickel silver fillets that were not whole lot bigger than a tig weld so I’m going to go smaller on some test pieces to see just how small I can go.

Happy new year y’all.