Matelier bikes build log

Hi all,
Just want to introduce myself, talk about my past and current builds, and join and contribute to this amazing community.

I started dabbling in framebuilding around 2-3 years ago and have built 3 frames since.
All in all, it’s great fun, very challenging, a huge learning experience, and very frustrating at times. But the rewards are incredible. So worth the exorbitant amount of time and effort.

I’m also learning how to paint the frames as one of my goals is to create unique paint schemes and not be limited to single color powder coats.

Below I’ll be posting about my past builds, and the ones I’m currently working on.

From Montreal, Quebec btw, where there’s a great framebuilding community.



Here is the first bike I built. It’s a hardtail MTB for my 12 yr ol daughter.
I had her create line drawings with metallic sharpie pens then sprayed a gloss clear coat over the raw metal frame. It’s not super resistant to scratching and dings, but whatever, it’s my first one, a prototype (I guess they’ll all be prototypes for me anyways) and a learning experience in geometry, welding and finishing.
The welding in bottom bracket area is horrendous. It’s tigged but looks like brazing :slight_smile: I keyholed, panicked, made it worse, and jammed a huge amount of filler rod in the joint.

As I have just rudimentary means of checking alignment, I think it’s fairly straight. It’s fine though, it’s not rocket science.

Made from Columbus Zona (I think) and some straight gauge 4130 from Aircraft Spruce.

I’ll be posting up more stuff soon.



Love the finish!

Good news, no one can see the BB once the crank is on :rofl:

What bike is next?

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