Name that dropout!

Hello there, I am working on this GT frame, it’s one of my personal frames that I have acquired over the years, this in particular is a GT Kashmir 9R 1.0 - long story short, it’s an european-only model and I wouldn’t be surprised if I am the only owner in the world as I have never-ever found another one, not in person, not online.

The frame is a Tange steel, triple butted, back in 2013 it seemed like this dropout design was supposed to be used in various GT models but I guess nothing came out of it, I am in love with the frame design and features (tapered headtube, 31.6 seat tube, sliding dropouts, triple triangle design, top tube starting round and flattened at the end, etc), what I am worried about are the dropouts that I will inevitably break sooner or later. I thought that once that happens I can replace the whole mounting system with something different but I wonder if there is someone here that could identify this system, I saw something similar on a Pace frame…

We have a 37.5mm vertical center-to-center between the holes and the top one is spaced back 27.5mm from the bottom one (center to center), I would say more or less 1mm.

For now my plan is to have a 3D design of the dropouts just in case I need to have them printed or machined


You are right. That is a really cool dropout system. I’ve never seen it before! Someone must be able to ID it….

Had some time today and so it begins!!