New 2023 Columbus steel tubes

I am thrilled to present new gravel oriented tubes from Columbus for the XCr, Life and Zona families.

There are also size appropriate mountain down tubes currently in development and will be available soon.

Please follow link to learn more.



Looks promising! I hope they’ll make some longer downtubes for mountain bikes, 670mm is a tad short for the longer&slacker crew :wink:

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Yes, there are long down tubes in development.

The Columbus drawing machines have a limited stroke for a tube OAL of about 750, so they are working on modifying one to produce longer tubes.

They are fully aware of the need.


Yep, I have been in talks with them as well to produce a specific tube to my needs. I was about 30mm too long but they have said they are making/modifying a machine to produce longer tubes.


That’s good news! Would be nice to have a European alternative to the Reynolds DZB options. Let’s hope they also produce a beefier seattube, like the Reynolds ones with a long butt at both ends. The current ones are a bit too long for a modern mtb frame.