New from Fusion: Configurations


This seems like it will be potentially super helpful for using Fusion to create different sizes of the same bike or other minor variations to a project. Stoked to see what y’all do with it!


This looks super useful. I use the parameters functionality a lot but it’s nowhere near feature-rich enough. This looks great.

I just restarted my app for the first time in months and it’s there on the toolbar. Thanks for the headsup.

I’m suffering FOMO over here… Apparently they are rolling it out slowly. Anyone else waiting for it to appear in the toolbar?

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Honestly have not had time to even look into it!

No update to my version either yet…:confused:

Looking forward to it, though. Configurations was one of the most useful parts of the Solidworks world that I used to inhabit with a previous employer.

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Seems like it’s only available in the commercial version, and only to “team” users for some reason…

AD is getting rid of personal account in favor of team organization. It’s terribly explained, but TLDR
click the link to move your personal hub to your team ( which can be just you). Then when you switch to team view, configurations will be there.