New Fusion360 pricing for "Startups"

Some bad news from Autodesk today:

Thank you for choosing Autodesk Fusion as your choice of tool for your startup. We appreciate your loyalty. To support growing businesses like yours, we’re proud to offer the best startup program in the industry and are committed to helping you improve your processes and grow your business.

Effective November 14, 2023, we are eliminating the free startup subscription option and are changing some of the eligibility criteria.

To ease the transition to the new startup program, we’d like to provide an exclusive, one-time offer to extend your 3-year term in the program and to get a 3-year startup subscription for only $150 USD SRP per user.

If you choose to forgo this offer, you will be subject to the new eligibility criteria when your current term ends. If you do not qualify at that time, to maintain access to Autodesk Fusion you will need to subscribe at the current SRP. Starting January 30, 2024, the price of a Fusion subscription will be $680 USD SRP.

Act soon. Offer ends January 29, 2024.

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I can’t “heart” this post… ouch


Well, three years at $150/year is still decent. You can get all the design work you need to do by then! I have been trying to find some Autodesk contacts to get some leverage for us bike nerds, but so far no luck.

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-We are proud to offer the best startup program in the industry, a program which we are no longer offering.

lol, who can write this kind of stuff then go home and sleep at night.
@Daniel_Y is totally right, still a darn good price, but don’t try to sell it like its better than free :joy:


I wonder if I can block the autodesk access from my router and keep my free F360

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Wait a minute, so if you are a private that just uses F360 for hobby you have to pay full price?

No, you can still get the free version for personal use.

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That settles my fusion/soldworks dilemma.

Solid works gives full access with water marks for $95 a year but they run discount promotions so I’m currently paying less than that.

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I’m with you, just got a message from Solidworks that they are dropping annual prices for the maker license from $100 to $50.

Hopefully they are making room for some more competitive commercial packages closer to what fusion is doing. FEA would be nice…

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Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll include FEA in any lower tier packages.

I’m lucky enough to have access to a standard licence via my day job and that’s not cheap as it is. There’s a significant bump in cost to go to the next tier (Professional), which still does not include FEA.
It is only included in their highest tier package (Premium) and you’ll be paying a pretty penny for that package, which also includes a bunch of absolutely useless functions for framebuilding.

I think the CAD software developers need to step away from the set package pricing and start offering options to pick & choose the various functions to allow users/subscribers to create their own packages that are optimised for their use case.
It’s not like framebuilders need all the functionality included in the Premium package. It’s also incredibly frustrating to even try to figure out what each package includes - their website is a nightmare to navigate.

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