New here, my frames so far

Hi! Trying to be a social and all that. I started a thread for my current park build but thought somebody might wanna see what I’ve put together before this.

Hardtail, Long, low, slack, pink, sparkly.

540reach, 78sta, 63* hta, 450mm cs 29er. Metal flake

With a pivotal seat, fork at 170mm for park duty. Only guy to balck line that mountain on a hardtail that day.
![IMG_20220818_102020 (1)|690x388(upload://9zot0YMG92MW7hKDYXdyaFURE68.jpeg)

Frame the second, 127/140, high pivot, progressive pull link, 79* sta 455mm cs Sparkly purple. This one rips, it’s heavy AF but it makes up for that every time it’s pointed downhill. I like the hell out of this one.

Little “framebuilder” “humor”

Working on one for the bike park now, there’s a thread floating around here somewhere…


this picture didn’t load and that’s just not ok…


Cool use of rod ends. Do you had any problems with dirt and longevity?

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Not yet, but it’s really only been together since February. It’s not really the ideal use but they seem to be holding up so far. We’ve got a saying around here, “If you can’t make it right, make it adjustable”


Glad to see you joined the forum! I’ve followed the FS build series on YouTube for a long time and I love your attitude and humor towards frame building. Both bikes turned out sick, I’m excited to see how the third one turns out!



Thanks for that!

I probably should have put all this in the introductions thread, I somehow (by not looking) didn’t realize that was a thing. If anyone wants to delete this thread, I’m gonna slide over to introductions now…


I would say keep this thread. Could be a nice place to update things as you go along. Compared to the intro thread which seems like more of a meet and greet. Just my $0.02. Love the work too!

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What @bushtrucker says, we wanna see the next bikes you make!

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Ok, just remember who’s idea it was.

I do gots a build thread started for the current bike, haven’t messed with it much since this, although I do have the fixed shock pivot mostly done.