New Product: Steel SRAM UDH/T-Type Round, Rear Dropout, Eccentric, Integrated 160/180 Flat Mount

DR2075_Engraved SMOL
Product Details

  • Material: 1018 steel, includes right and left frame components

    • CUSTOM ENGRAVE (see photo) your company name or logo on the left side frame component:

      • One time $65 programming and set up fee
      • $5/pair engraving charge
      • Engraving must be done during the manufacturing process, order in advance
      • Email orders(at) for more information
  • Application:

    • SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger and T-Type
      • Meets all SRAM specs
  • OD: 1-3/4"

  • Flanges:

    • Width: 1.180"
    • Symmetric: Side-to-side chainstay and seatstay
    • There is approximately 3 mm per side to make the weld with 7/8" chainstays
    • There is approximately 5.5 mm per side to make the weld with 3/4" seatstays
    • Push the seatstay outboard as far as possible to avoid SRAM’s clearance mask
  • Caliper Mount: Flat Mount Integrated for 160 mm rotor (direct) or 180 mm (with adapter, adapter not included)

  • Wheel Alignment:

    • Concentric: use a 0 mm offset bushing

    • Eccentric:

      • Select a 0.5 or 1.0 mm offset bushing
      • For 0.5 or 1.0 mm bushings use a 2 mm hex key to rotate the insert using the radial holes on the flange
    • The bushing is a structural part of the assembly and must be welded in

      • Once installed it is not meant to be consumer serviced
    • The chainstay center MUST be 3.5 mm above axle center to meet SRAM’s specs

    • Use the flats on the bottom of the dropout to index:

      • Put a straight edge on the flat and position it 13 mm +/- 3 mm below bottom bracket center

SOLD SEPARATELY: The bushing, skewer, and SRAM UDH/Transmission