New tool Thursday. Can be Tuesday also

Finally was able to save up for a toob bender and had a gift card so I bought a Yah buddy


I bought a welding table… Sort of. It used to be a fixture plate for some automotive component testing like handbrake levers, I was told…

The table top alone weighs in at a fluffy 560kg


Bender envy


Heck ya! The toob bender is so sick!!! I couldn’t stand building with only pre-bent tubes, I feel like it’s revolutionized my process more than any other tool purchase.

I just picked up a T47 adapter for the Cobra chainstay subassembly fixture. Not so fun or glamorous, but necessary for them big BBs!


The StaySlayer is next with a few other bending dies. I just need to make the process faster and easier for me. It takes me way too long to build a frame. The 3D printed CS yoke will be a huge improvement. I just need something for the SS like @Neuhaus_Metalworks and @Daniel_Y uses because those are the worse for me.

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I can honestly say implementing 3DP into your design is an absolute game changer it fabrication efficiency.

Yes I can believe that. Just don’t have a ton of time to learn F360 and the design something but I am working on it.
I have a yoke coming but really want to do something for the seat stays. That takes the longest time and most frustrating.

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Yeah I here you. Im a career draftsman and Im still yet to sit down and learn 360. Just use plain AutoCAD

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This is great for a bike fixing person. 39.99 -20%off coupon.

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Found a set of adjustable reamers in pretty decent condition… 10-45mm, so all seatpost diameters covered :wink: