Nova bits and trays

I have some random things I picked up at Nova Cycles the day they closed for good. This was all going to be thrown out so please help me get it to a good home! Some dated items but some good stuff too. Lots of single cable guides and stops, collar binders, wishbone ovalized tubing in steel and aluminum, bottle bosses, steel and aluminum Bushnell BB shells (I think). The blue trays are also up for grabs.
Check the photos and let me know if you want anything and how many. I’ll charge shipping and add $10 handling.


See if you have a single left side dropout (135x9) as they sent me two rights instead of a left-right pair.


Those BB shells, are they for an eccentric? Any Bushnell?

I think I do have that dropout! I’ll set aside for you. I have a complete Tange track plug dropout too.
I’m not sure the Bushnell diameter but these do appear to be for that. I’ll need to check though

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Are those ti headtubes I see?

No headtubes but some what I think are short wishbone pieces. I haven’t checked specs but may keep those :slight_smile:

I just measured them and they’re 100mm long ovalized ti wishbone tubes, 30.7x28mm diameter x 0.8mm wall. If you or anyone wants them let me know! 14 pieces total.

@bulgie Weren’t you looking for Bushnell eccentric BBs?

Specifically I was looking for one or more BB shells, not the Bushnell insert, which I have already. Whit sent me a couple from his Nova stash (thanks Whit!) but unfortunately the shell is too large, the Bushnell bit doesn’t tighten in it. I don’t know what inserts fit in Whit’s shells. I should add though, my insert is old and maybe they are made differently now? Like a Bushnell you order today might fit the Nova shells? I dunno.

I ended up ordering a QBP shell, made for the Bushnell, smaller ID than Whit’s. MSRP is $20 per, but that’s not too painful with a 10% off coupon and free shipping from [not an endorsement, I don’t know them, just popped up on top in a brief search.] I don’t mind paying full retail when I’m only buying one unit, for a repair, which the customer is paying for. I don’t make EBB bikes.