PMW 40th Anniversary 2023

This year, Paragon Machine Works celebrates our 40th anniversary of making bicycle parts so you, the frame builder, can make beautiful bikes. I’m going to use this post let you know what we’re doing with upcoming 40th anniversary parts and events. I didn’t want to inundate the general thread with “sales-y” posts and such. Keep your eyes posted here :slight_smile:


This year we’re engraving our tube blocks with “40 YEARS, SINCE 1983”


I need a few more. Good time to buy!


:star_struck: well shoot, I can’t pass up special edition tube blocks!!!


Congrats on 40! I first encountered your products about 25 years ago when I came across a super beefy PMW huge (64t?) chainring — either from a Bike Friday or a recumbent. It was the most beautifully machined chainring that I’d ever seen. I’m glad to have used a bunch of your dropouts and other parts on my hobbyist builds.


Happy 40th Mark, wow how did we get so old!
Easy for me to say that meeting Mark back in '92 or so was one of the best things for me professionally and personally. Over the years we worked on many parts projects together as well as partnering on tubing etc. I learned a ton from Mark. Also many great rides.

As he mentioned in response to my introduction post, I did have a stint working at PMW back in '95/'96 before moving to Steamboat to work for Moots. Me, Mark, Kazim and occasionally Spud, a Supermax and a couple manual machines from what I recall.

The chainring mentioned above reminded me of a day during my employment. Mark and I went for a ride up on Tam and when we got back to the shop, Kazim let us know Gary Fisher had stopped by to pick up some downhill chainrings for his DH team. Hard to describe Kazim (not sure I am spelling his name correctly) but tattooed eyeliner and flames coming up his neck are a start. Anyway when he handed Gary the chainrings he played dumb as to who Gary was and insisted that he pay on the spot for the rings. GF proceeded to empty his pockets of all his cash before he got back in his Lexus and left Kazim chuckling.
I believe many small to medium size frame shops would not exist without PMW and they certainly would not have been able to keep up with all the changes in “standards” over the last 20 years without Mark’s ability to provide the answers with viable well thought out parts. Cheers to 40


There is not one frame that leaves our shop that is not dripping in PMW.

Thank you to Mark and all of the PMW crew past and resent. :pray:


Our larger tube blocks have the skull engraving!!!
Tube Block with Skull


Paragon Machine Works’ Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Multi-Tool and Bottle Opener was made as a tribute to the employees, customers, family, and friends who helped us reach this milestone. Each is encased in a gorgeous hand-sanded and oiled wood box, that was made on one of our mills from locally sourced materials.

  • Multi-Tool Material: 6/4 titanium
  • Bits: The end of each crossbone holds a bit, 4 are included with purchase: M4, M5, M6, and T25.
    • Extra bits can be stored in the slots provided in the box.
  • Wood Varieties: Cherry, Live Oak, White Oak, Red Oak, Redwood, Douglas Fir, Hickory, Walnut, Mixed
    • NOTE: We will do our best to accommodate your selection of wood variety. If it is out of stock, we will substitute in a different stunning varietal. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Engraving: On back of tool: “PMW”, “1983 2003”, and “40 YEARS”
  • Care of Your Box: Apply wood oil to refresh and protect.
  • Origin: Designed and manufactured in Richmond, CA.
  • Authenticity: Each tool has been given a number and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Item sold as 6 piece set.


I can’t decide what to do with this box of 3" holo stickers. Another IG/Facebook drawing?


Awesome! I would love a rectangular PNW 40th Aniv decal to put on the ST of our bikes, like the old tubing stickers: