Portland, OR: O/A brazing regulators FS

I will put this on CL too, but in the next 2 weeks I’d like to get rid of my (owned) oxy-acetylene bottles. Regulators, brand new hoses available too. I could part with the gas saver (with flashback arrestors) as well, though I wouldn’t mind keeping it for future use.

  • 75 CF Acetylene cylinder (nearly full)
  • Oxygen cylinder (~30" tall, roughly half full)
  • nice bottle cart with some extra hooks added on
  • Harris Acetylene Regulator (CGA 510) 301-15-510
  • Harris Oxygen Regulator 301-100-540
  • Washington Alloy Twin Welding Hose - 25 ft. 1/4" Grade T BXB (brand new in package)

$630 for all of the above

  • Smith WDW101 Gasaver For Acetylene and Oxygen + flashback arrestors – $200 for sale only with above set.

For a very nice set up you’d just need to add lightweight hose and your choice of torch handle on the other side of the gas saver.

Please email me for photos: sal@shovelresearch.com


The regulators are still available:

$100 shipped for both