Rebuilding a Gasfluxer 69

I picked up a used one on the cheap, valves are all stuck, main o-ring on the top is squished out and has crystals growing out of it and the same can be said for the viewport.

Thought or advice on a rebuild? I saw someone sent theirs in for $200 for a rebuild and wanted to hear if anyone else had done it themselves and if there is any advice on the process and costs?

I rebuilt mine, just used hot water to clean the crusties off, reassembled gutenteit.

Mine soon got new crusties around the sight glass and elsewhere, so maybe I should have done something better about gaskets. Don’t remember but I think I just cleaned up and re-used the originals, not smart. Buy a rebuild kit from Gasflux Co.

Alistair Spence, who was briefly a full-time pro before Match went out of business in y2k, turned amateur hobbyist. He rebuilt his and documented it on Flickr.

No telling how long his overhaul would have lasted, because his entire shop burnt up in the horrible fire that wiped out Paradise CA.

I think it was Eva @LiberationFab that mentioned good results from her rebuild, no crusties yet after some amount of time, so I guess that means it can work and stay clean with the proper gaskets, and maybe assembly technique? Eva please correct me if that wasn’t you.

EDIT: ah yes, here is Eva’s rebuild experience:

Fantastic I’ll make sure to review both accounts! Thanks

I would recommend rebuilding. Gasflux was great with parts list/pricing and you save shipping vs them rebuilding. Of course gasflux would have done a better job than me but I was able to repaint when I rebuilt and it works great. Had to do plenty of soaking in hot water and I replaced most of the brass parts. There was one bushing for the flow control that they did not have but they recommended “teflon rope” of a type used to seal hose faucets. Found it at the local big box store for a few $.



That looks great, didn’t even occur to me I could paint it. I’ll be sending them an email shortly.