Recs for a clip-on brazing shade?

I started wearing glasses more or less full time, and my old Uvex brazing glasses are pretty scratched up. Who makes a nice set of brazing glasses that either clips onto or goes over regular glasses?

I’m mostly fillet brazing with O/A if that matters.

The folks at Gasflux sell #4 and #5 clip-on shades. You’ll have to get on the phone to order them, but they’re super responsive and great people to work with.


Oh sweet. Now I have to figure out if these ones I’ve been using are 4 or 5.

Phillips make them in a bunch of different shades.

Doesn’t UVEX or some other company make a faceshield that you can select the darkness of the shade lens? I think I’ve seen it before. It would be good for glasses wearers.

I could not find a #3 shade in clip-on form so I got some over-the-glasses jawns from McMaster. These are Uvex/Honeywell just like my old ones, but the quality is straight disposable doo doo, even if they do make me look cool.

We will see how long they hold up.


Sorry, it’s time for me to bail on the forum.