Rigid, lightweight MTB Forks

Suggestions for rigid CF MTB forks?

Doesn’t have to be an amazing fork. But, it’s for my wife, so it has to be light weight and not completely dubious. She’s a newbie and will not be doing much more than fire roads + gravel.

And, before we go too much further, she’s requested “the big mountain bike tires” (i.e. 29x2.35" not 700x50) because “they feel safe”. And she doesn’t want suspension because “that doesn’t seem safe.” I’m saying CF because she’s smaller, a newbie, and will probably benefit a bit from saving a pound (over a steel fork).

Getting her on a bike is huge so I’m happy to make her whatever she wants to start with.

I see MRP Rigid forks on decent discount right now – way cheaper than Enve, Whisky or Ritchey. Anyone have experience with them?

I had one of these and was totally happy with it. It is light, not obscenely big, not overly stiff, and it took an absolute beating. If Q and other distributors are your reference for price on the forks you mentioned, then this is a deal.

Trail 490 - Carver Bikes

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Only “issue” with the MRP forks is they are non-boost. It’s awkward because gravel bikes are now 100x12, and those forks are 100x15. But if you can figure out the hub situation, then you are good!

That’s a great call-out. Makes it hard to swap wheels with mine if we need to. I wonder if there’s any hubs that will let me convert 100 to 110.

@Neuhaus_Metalworks that Carver fork looks rad. Just sent them an email.

I ran one of the MRP forks on a rigid mtb for a few years, and I really liked the flex. Anecdotally, it was much more comfortable than any of the one-piece / monocoque carbon forks I have ridden. In terms of durability, it outlasted the frame.

I try to not promote my own stuff on here, but the company I work for have a fork that’s about to be released that should fit the bill for what you’re after.
Can take both boost and non-boost hubs. Adjustable offset. 740g (w. uncut 350mm steerer).

Here’s a little animation I made showing off the fork. This has yet to go up on any of our socials, so you get the privilege of being the first to see it. :slight_smile:


I will take it. That looks great

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I like how that works for boost and normal, cool job.

I have a Speeder boost fork on one of my bikes that has been great. This company seemed to have a good reputation in my research. I bought it through a small group buy and it was under $200 delivered a couple or years ago.