Rocker insert drawings?

Hi, I am designing a frame via Fusion360 and i am using a rocker dropout, I can use the step file from your website but there is no information on the insert, I could measure mine but wondered if there is a drawing somewhere where I can extract precise measurements from.

I think you can get them on the Paragon web site. I can’t remember if it is in the insert or the actual dropout page.

Click on the More Information tab for the insert you want, you’ll see .PDF or .STP files available:

10 and 12 mm inserts have different axle centers, so make sure you choose the correct insert.

If you can’t find the info you need, please email


I was looking for:


but can see now that I can get a classic 10mm insert step file and work with that.

Thank you Mark!


Right, Alfine inserts are identical to the other 10 mm versions, except for a slightly longer slot to accommodate the anti-rotation washers.