Scrap Ti and steel tubing


For the cost of shipping I’ll send a whole bunch of scrap tubes to practice welding or brazing. Many diameters, lots of lengths but usually shorter than 4”. Let me know!
I’ll add photos if anyone is interested.


Interested. I need practice material.

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I’d be interest in some steel also.

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I’m also interested in steel bits but understand there are others so maybe next round. Also, I’m somewhat local to you.

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I’m interested in the ti.

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Since I have a bunch and there are a few interested, what diameters and material would each be interested in? Or I can send a box to each of you of a random assortment.

For the Ti there is a lot of cut off ends of handlebar stock which is 7/8x.061” so super thick. If you don’t want those pieces let me know since it’s so different than frame tubing’s wall thickness.

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Random steel is fine for me. I mostly need more practice on the thin stuff, but jumping around thicknesses and doing thin to thick is great practice too. Thanks for the offer to get practice material into other’s hands!

I’ll get a box ready for you, but won’t be until next week at this rate. Still recovering from knee surgery. I’ll post a photo of what I have sometime this week.

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Thanks again! And no rush, welding shop is in my frozen garage so won’t be getting out there anytime soon.

I’m open on tubing sizes. Also, I’m hoping to get up to Nova this week and I understand that your shop is in the same area. I’m happy to save some postage.

I will throw my hat in the ring, if you have some. I bought some basic steel .035 when it was cheaper, a couple of years ago. I am just a steel builder, no Ti needed. :slight_smile:

Would love both steel and ti, the handlebar ends would be great for ti tig practice. Happy to send postage and beer money.

Not sure if theres anything left but would love to have some scraps to practice with. It’d be for UC Irvine’s bike building club

I should have probably started with a photo but was laid up in bed. Here is all I have:
Steel in front, Ti in back.

So …the first responders tell me what you would like (all or part of what they see) and I’ll go down the list till it’s gone.

Note on using these. You can miter the small pieces by hand with a tube block or in the mill.
I will see if I can find more in the small pieces garbage can that comes off the mill but those may be too short to miter.

I’ll take all that’ll fit in a large usps flat rate box if you want to do it that way. Ti and steel. Shoot me a message. Thanks!

I’m interested in some ti scrap. Some handle bar scrap and thinner wall smaller diameter, as that’s what I’ll be welding. Let me know where to send the money and thank you for extending the offer

I’ve run out of tubing and shipped it all out today. I’ll have more but will take awhile to build up.


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I have some ti drops. Yours for the cost of shipping if you want them.

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