Seattube collar in the EU?

Anybody now where to get a seattube collar for 35mm tubing and 31.6 seatpost? I checked with Peter from Ceeway but he doesnt carry them. I could get 35x2 chromoly tubing and turn them myself, but I can only get it in 6m lengths, which is a bit much.

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I made my collar from 35x3 mild steel drawn tube that I got from a company that is selling/making hydraulic lines (Dunlop, Hydroscand). They are called hydraulic tubes, and can get in shorter lengths. Worth a search.

I had some from Peter a while back that I believe were Paragon bits. I guess he hasn’t restocked them.

I’ve also turned some myself from T45, maybe easier to find short lengths than chromoly?

It was nice to have the ready-made ones but I actually preferred being able to create an interference fit with the ones I turned myself.

I prefer chromoly or T45 over mild steel. It has been a while since I checked with Peter, so maybe he got some now. But with the current DHL import invoices it might be cheaper to get 6m over here and turn them myself. Getting a good fit and being able to choose the length might be worth that route.