Segmented fork crown race

I jumped the gun building my first segmented fork and was looking for some advice on the crown race. I just sleeved the steer tube and was planning on machining that down for the crown race, but didn’t think about the crown race seat! If I add a braze on crown race it’ll lengthen the fork by about 1cm. Would I be ok just machining this down? Probably wouldn’t be the end of the world if the fork was a little longer.


That fork looks awesome, I’m sure there is a way to get it working. 1cm change in axle to crown is minimal.

Do you actually mean braze on a crown race, one that mates to a headset bearing?

What is the OD of this segment?

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It’s a 1 1/8” steer tube, I got some crown races to braze on from metal guru and they fit, just wish I had worked that into the design.

I’m wondering what @wzrd does in this instance

I am refering to the OD below the steerer (where the segments attach)

To clarify, are you talking about this?

Those are not crown races? There are steps to press your race onto the lip.

I think there’s some confusion here between the ‘crown race’ and the ‘crown race seat’.
Either way, it looks like you have enough material to turn down the bigger OD sleeve and braze in a crown race seat without lengthening the ATC.

Sorry for the incorrect terminology, yes those are the ones I got, crown race seats I guess? The sleeve over the steer tube is 1 1/4”, what I was planning to do was cut it down with the park crown race cutting tool but I’m worried there won’t be enough of a shelf for the lower headset. Planning on using the 1 1/8” threadless grand cru headset from VO


From your photo, I don’t see why you can’t mill down your sleeve to fit the crown race with a 1 1/8” crown race mill. Looks like lots of length and lots of material available.

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Yeah, it ain’t gonna be fun, but you can cut that sucker in manually. Or if you’ve got a big enough lathe and some major courage, you can do it by machine. You have plenty of room.