Shipping to Australia from the EU

We have a customer that wants to buy 2 complete bikes and have them shipped from the Netherlands to Australia. We have checked with the usual shippers (DHL, UPS, Fedex, post etc) but they all came up with prices of € 1.000,- or more… At that price it might be easier to just take a vacation in Australia and bring the bikes along. But alas we are too busy to have time for that.
So I was hoping the wisdom of the international crowd over here know of a better/cheaper way to get this done.

Maybe BikeFlights? International Bicycle Shipping | International Bike Shipping | Customs |

I did not know them, thanks!

But a quick check for a price gives me 2900 usd for one box… :frowning:

If you book your Cathay Pacific flight and get to the airport in an hour, the round trip ticket from Amsterdam to Sydney would be $1956US. Oh my goodness!


I would check with a smaller airline to see if they can take it as can cargo.

I do this with a local seaplane company and can ship frames and complete bikes to the mainland for $20 cad which is normally $100+ with any normal carrier.

I recently paid $500 cad sending a frame to the Netherlands (Vinkeveen), only to find out I could have spent half as much if I would have brought it to the airport :frowning:


@Coco_PMW Yes, and I imagine you get a nice warm seat for that price too instead of having to be crammed in a cold cargobay…

@wzrd Cheers, I’ll see if I can find something like that over here. But now I am actually more exited to know that I can run into a WZRD frame over here!

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