Shock tab thickness for full suspension

What shock tab thickness do you experienced folks use? For example, I have a .045" wall 4130 down tube that I’d like to weld tabs to, but don’t want to go overkill because the down tube is already .045" straight gauge… Thanks in advance!

Based on my limited experience I think the sweet spot for 4130 is somewhere around .100" +/-.025" and would vary depending on what you’re planning for cutouts. For thinner members I’d go up to .125" and thicker members I’d go with .080". I’m mostly looking at this from a temp control standpoint during welding to try to balance a mass/thermal inertia of the component. If you go too light, the heat affected zone can creep more easily into the tabs and lead to brittle failures. Again, I’m no expert on the subject, but have been looking into this a lot recently.

Example thinner members on 44’s latest pivot mount looks to be at around .125" thick.

Example of thicker members on Zoceli’s bikes I’m guessing are at about .080".

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Thanks for the reply! My observation from internet creeping was .1" ish as well. I love those Zocelis


I have used 6mm and 4mm with no issues, others seem to go a lot thinner as noted. Mine are usually 304 stainless though not 4130 because the hardware usually scrapes off the paint so it’s nice to not have surface rust form


That’s a great point, I didn’t even think about that. Thanks!

I use 1/8” 4130 plate.

Good point above about the hardware/ paint issue. I silver a stainless washer onto em.