Sikocycles EWR/Klein copy build

Always wanted an EWR and a Klein so I kind of built one. Far from perfect. Need a lot not practice but I do like it.
Will post more pics of the process


Love this!

Took it for the first ride and it stayed together. Who would have thought. It actually rode very well.
I need a lot more practice and skills.


Hell yeah! Happy new bike!

I like this a lot. I dig the brake rotor brace for the brake. Is it a spray can paint job? If so, you’re better with a rattle can than I am. Very cool. Very, very cool.


Yes rattle can. I can’t spend money on paint until I start doing a better job.
I does ride nice and did not break.


Is the ST/TT/DT brace a single tube or two pieces?

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Cool, I love an EWR, too. :heart_eyes:

Here is my take on a lovechild of EWR and the Votec/Porsche collaboration of the late 90s:

The brace tube goes through the top tube in one piece. It seemed to be a better approach structurally, but a PITA to actually make.

All the best,
Dan Chambers


Mine is 2 pieces. I could never do the hole and not screw that up
How do you like the pinion? I want to do that for the next mtb

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