Silver brazing issue

I am trying to silver braze (Harris safety-silv 55) some Paragon stainless cable guides to a stainless tube. Using type G flux. They will not “bond” with the filler metal. It sticks to the tube fine, but the cable guide just pops right off. Both parts were abrasively cleaned. Any ideas?

Maybe the cable guide is in fact titanium and not stainless?


I just tried a different flux (Harris Stay-Silv) and the exact same thing happened.

Had also tried welding one and there was some weird oxidation then a very loud “ping!” As soon as it started cooling.

I’m suspecting you are right.

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Yep, slot size is only 1/8”

And they weigh 1.6g v 2.5g for the same part in steel.

This really screws me on a massive level

@Luniz82 thank you for figuring it out!!


Don’t wanna take credit for it all by myself, I only knew because there was a similar issue not long ago on this forum and I remembered it! This forum is just extremely helpful! :wink:


@Equinox OH, I’m going to send you an email right now. We’re going to make this right for you! - Coco


Thanks for the call from your team - I was waiting till you guys opened, but you beat me to it.

Mistakes happen - luckily this one didn’t turn out worse. Your proactive follow-up and customer service are amazing. Paragon Machine is one of THE BEST companies I have ever worked with!