SISTEMA: Open Source Road Frame

I have been fascinated by collaborative structures since my teen years, and for many years I have dreamed of a way to create bicycle designs (and brands) for decentralized production.

I think I figured out a way to do it, simply as an Open Source project.

The premise consists of:

  1. A frame design that uses the best and most reliable modern standards, and maintaining the standards that should remain in use. Through axle, BSA, 27.2 seat post, external cable (optional/modular).

  2. The prevalence and ease of Private Label components at bicycle stores. The open source license, allows any shop, team, or individual to produce and sell a vetted and known frame design with the margins of a house brand product.

  3. Brand and Marketing that defines Sistema as an antitheses to rampant marketing driven innovation.

I know this is a custom frame forum, and this isn’t a custom frame, but I think there are some incentives to contribute.

  • if this idea happens to take off there may be demand for this frame design in steel and ti (planning to produce in aluminum first)
  • there are opportunities to adopt and maintain other mutually beneficial Open Source designs, such as @Daniel_Y’s Open Source hanger design
  • our goal is to give an attractive alternative to the mainstream bike industry, like framebuilding does, but less cost prohibitive to the consumer.

if this sounds like something you are interested in, I would love to recruit you to our working group on Discord, SISTEMA COMMUNITY.

Currently there are around 19 members from many different industries. We’d love to have you too.

Happy to share more, curious what you all think! (unless you don’t like it, i know someone will not like it)