Sklarage sale shop clean up time

Hi all,

All sold for now. I’ll update this thread if I ever have more things.




Sent a DM but I’ll take the canti levers and the braze on box if they’re still available!

Hi, I’d love the drop out rene herse tool. Cyclus seat tube reamer.

I’ll take the BB post if it’s still available.

Just added a bunch of stuff and removed the sold things, thanks!

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Hey just wanted to update ppl. I am going to be able to ship everything out next week. I will do more of an update/restocking then and get back to all these DM’s too.

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OK I have my shop all cleaned up and can finally get this stuff shipped now.
Anyone wanna make offers? Would rather see this stuff get used than sit here

I’ll take the tig mystery box, HT rings, T47BB, and baby dremel if any of them are still available!

is the cyclus reamer available and can it be sharpened?