SOLD: Farr Miters Touch chainstay mitering fixture

The Farr Miters Touch is a very nice fixture for mitering chainstays on a vertical or horizontal mill. I used it on a small horizontal mill and it worked great. You can bolt the base plate to the mill table and bolt the fixture to the base plate for perfect alignment every time.

It comes with a bonus dummy axle holder for Sputnik axles.

I use a different fixture now so this one is up for sale. Asking $700 + shipping.


Stupid question: can it be rigged to do seatstays as well?

It would be easy enough to clamp the extrusion in a vise and set the angle with a digital angle finder. I never tried to cut seat stays though so I can’t confirm how rigid that setup would be.

The item has sold. Thanks for looking.

Crumbs. Hope the new owner cuts many a miter on it!