SPOKEN: Handmade Bicycle Show Australia June 14-16, 2024

I know @DEVLINCC is exhibiting. Looks very exciting!
" SPOKEN , the evolution of the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia, is the place to be to see the latest work, ideas and innovations from those at the pinnacle of their game, and to speak with builders & makers, designers & representatives one on one in a beautiful, relaxed and friendly environment."


I was at the show. Some amazing bikes there! I’m a MTBer/tourer and the standouts for me were the duallies from Sean (@DEVLINCC) and Zac (@WoodsBicycleCo) and a rigid pinion adventure bike from Shane Flint (Tor Bikes). Also Mark Hester’s work (Prova Cycles) is always amazing to see in real life. Not my style but an insane level of refinement and detail. There was a media shoot going on so hopefully you’ll get to see some press pics in the coming days.

Also it was great to chat with all of the above folks and many others. It’s a pretty small custom framebuiling crowd in AU — with most of the bikes at the show being AU designed and overseas manufactured — but the folks doing it all here are totally killing it and deserve all the support they can get.


The Australian scene has an impressive concentration of talent, galleries from this show are some of my favorites every year. Jealous of everyone who got to attend in person!


It was great to meet you and had some great chats about all things bikes. Appreciate the stoke for what we are all trying to do here. The scene is quite small here with probably only about a dozen of us at the show that actually stand at the bench. We all know each other well and the support from the other builders is awesome. We get to do it all again next week with MADE.BIKE Australia happening.



Some pics of the Devlin, TOR and Woods rigs here.

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I wasn’t sure if to put this here or in the ‘Around the Web’ thread…

Some coverage of last weekend show. We have MADE.BIKE Australia next week as well.