Spring 2023 Community Update

Community Update

It has roughly been 6 months since launch, and the amount of engagement on the Custom Frame Forum Community has exceeded our expectations. It is amazing to see people from all around the world come together with a shared passion: building and riding bikes.

  • more than 40 daily active members
  • more than 100 unique user visits per day
  • more than 100 likes per day

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the mission of this forum:

Having fun:

We are all here because it is fun: It’s fun to ride bikes, build bikes, and talk about bikes! If at any point you feel like you are being marginalized or sense conflict between users, please reach out to a moderator directly Alternatively you can flag posts, which will alert the moderator team to review and discuss. We want the community to be an open space to be yourself and express yourself through the art of framebuilding.

Encouraging New Talent:

For many people, it takes years to build up the knowledge and tools to build their first frame. This forum exists as a resource to encourage and help builders at every step of their journey. From the professional builder to the aspiring student, everyone has something new they can learn, or a new perspective they can offer. Lets try to offer constructive feedback rather than criticism.


What makes this community great is the same thing that makes custom bikes so amazing: diversity. Diversity leads to crazier, wackier, and better framebuilding. Not everyone will agree or understand each other on every topic, and that is OK. Expressing dissenting opinions is healthy for the community. Just keep in mind: communicating across different cultures, languages, genders, and ethnicities can be difficult. Even with the best intentions, you may unintentionally offend or make someone feel excluded. This is not your fault, it is just the byproduct of online communication. This is where the moderator team will step in and steer the conversation back on track.

Finally, passionate discussions are encouraged, but aggressive posts, personal attacks, or needlessly harsh criticism is not conducive to growth and collaboration. You don’t have to love every idea posted, but if you have nothing constructive to add, please move along to another topic.

Our Values:

  • Everyone is Welcome
  • We are Supportive
  • We are Collaborative

Moderator Team:

The forum is nothing without the framebuilding community, so we thank everyone for coming with us on this journey!


Thanks for making the forum! It’s been a trip.


I agree with Joshua, thanks for the platform.
It’s been more than 10y that I wanted to try build my own frame and thanks to this forum I have found knowledge and parts that I would have otherwise never found!


Huge thank you and congrats to Daniel for creating such a great collaborative space for our community. Glad to be a part of it! :star_struck:


Congratulations @Daniel_Y and everyone involved in managing this forum! You are all doing an amazing job. This is a great resource and is turning out to be an awesome community!


Thank you @Daniel_Y , good work.
This a pretty cool and educational place to hang out


I hope this community can flourish and continue to benefit framebuilders everywhere, without either getting too big for it’s boots or getting overrun with egos and influencers. Reminds of how fun and friendly (and useful!) MTBR used to be. Great work form all the CFF team and mods.