Sputnik tools jig

I’ve bought a sputnik jig. Almost. Actually I’ve paid Jeff first deposit, got info that the jig will be shipped within 4-5 weeks. I’ve paid second part almost instantly after I’ve been asked to. Jeff answered my emails instantly… until I’ve paid the money. Now it’s been 11 weeks and he seldom replies to my emails (he once replied that he will ship the jig ‘next week’. It’s been 3 since then, last week the jig was supposed to be picked up on Friday, no answer since than). I’m not in the States so I have problems calling him on the phone. I start feeling as like I’ve been scammed, or at least it’s not w nice customer experience. 6k is shi…loads of money for me so the question is: is it normal with him and I just should sit and wait, or should I be ready to start checking chargeback procedures with my bank?


I know he was out of town for a bit recently. We just got a new heat sink from him a week ago.

Unfortunately he is a one man show. He will not scam you. I had the same issue once and he sent a tshirt. If you can call I would call him.

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I’ve had a similar experience, the tool did eventually show up.

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Your experience isn’t unique.


You can get an US phone number via Google voice and you could call via that one, I used one for years before moving to the US and I actually still have it - it’s a neat service.

I had the same experience, it will show up.
Its stressful though

I purchased my jig from Jeff in 2021-2022 and had it shipped to the UK. My experience is similar. After weeks of no communication, I reversed the charge on my credit card. While I cant recommend doing that, it did start communication again- or maybe a coincidence. Hopefully someday Jeff will have someone help him out with customer communications.

@Matt Thanks, unfortunately Google voice says, it does not work in my country :confused: Thanks all of you guys above. It’s good to hear (from you, not from Jeff…) that there are chances that I’ll get this stuff. I know that he is one man shop, but so am I. Answering emails and giving trustworthy info is not that difficult. If only he said “it’ll be ready in 5 months, don’t bother me till than”… So annoying.


Same experience here… Threatening him of getting your cash back seems to be the only way to work with him…

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Skype offers the same service, I would find such a service and start calling - I hope you get your jig soon!

Ha! There is hope!


Hello Moko,
I know such problems also from orders from the USA to Europe (Germany). Often customs takes quite a while.

Well yes, once my parcel from uk spent 3 months at the customs (it was actually an issue with polish national post that is barely working).

But this one did not even reach the customs yet. I’m really looking forward to having fun with burreaucracy: to begin guys in the us branch of DbSchenker have decided to send it to Frankfurt instead of Warsaw. I guess from the US perspective it’s close enough :slight_smile:

Air shipping from the US took almost a month. Customs here - only one day. Had to put it through my door in pieces (as the package was larger than expected). I have it in my shop, happy to assemble. Just need to make an attachment to my stand.


Can I ask what was the deciding factors to pick the Sputnik over cobra,benchmark and the few others?

I’m stoked you got it.

Sorry the purchasing experience was less than ideal.

So am I. Can’t wait to use it!

against benchmark: mainly because I dont like the idea of a thread to set BB width.
against cobra: because I know myself and prefer a straightforward way of settting frames’ dimensions (cobra has a fixed ht angle and you have to calculate. I know it’s simple, but thats the answer).


Thanks for the info. Sputnik is pretty local to me. Drivable at least

I haven’t worked with the Benchmark or Cobra fixture but the ease of use was the biggest attractor for me. 2nd thing was that Drew @ Engine and Firefly were using them. Seemed like a great endorsement.

There are a few things I’d ask to change if I had to order again:

  • I want metric hardware. Probably not a big deal for most people but this is an annoyance for me.
  • I wish the BB standoff was more so I can fit my dumb clumsy hands in that area better – an additional 25.4 - 38.1mm would be great ( :wink: )

If you haven’t seen one in person and are considering, it’s worth the drive. Also might remove some of the most common headaches.