Stainless 3d wishbone and dropouts

Designed a few parts in Freecad and had them printed in stainless.

Wishbone goals:
-remake Strawberry wishbone for allroad/CX tires
-plug style brazed in for a seamless transition
-5/8” top to 1/2” bottom stay

-use front flat mount standard in rear for easier adjustment and smaller brake bosses
-integrate rear boss into dropout for ease of fabrication
-eliminate syntace pinch bolt (set screw instead) so seatstays can both be set on rear of dropout
-keep dropouts small and outer surfaces flat or convex to easily polish some of the printed texture away (used belt sander and polishing wheel for 15-20min)

So far so good, just a few braze ons left for cable and fenders. Had to come up with a hanger design as well that is currently printed in 316 as well. Going to print/machine a non hangered insert since this will be a SS CX bike.

Faux seatmast with a short seatpost inserted up top, we’ll see how that works.


Looks great


Looks good, and the right side seems close to being OK for UDH. And I LOVE the lathe!

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Super cool! And that LeBlond :heart_eyes:

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The SS wishbone looks really cool! I like the smooth to sharp edge transition, very well designed.


I’d like to try a bigger dropout for UDH, but I don’t think I could beat yours, especially with the braze in eccentric. Love the lathe too!

Thanks, it’s really just an updated version of THIS
So I can’t take too much credit. Maybe a MTB version with slightly different look next up.

Also I didn’t do the welding, haha. Just the CAD, machining and brazing. So big thanks to my buddy Bradford for the tig skills.


It may be a redesign but you made it look so much better!


What is the max tire size for the wishbone? Have any pics not built up?
Also is there a way to mount a fender?

Were there any complications in converting the front FM standard to work with a rear hub? Nice neat solution.

It fits a smoothish 40 fine (pictured). I brazed a fender boss in this time on the backside, but already redesigned the file to include a hidden internal boss that can be drilled out and tapped on the underside of the arch. Also made the plug length a bit longer.


Very cool. Thank you.

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Hey, no problems yet. I’ve used the same brake mount position on a couple frames now but those were with PMW dropouts. A few friends have been using it too with no problems. Don’t remember the math, but the mounts are in a few mm from the axle end compared to front axle. Smaller mounts are a little easier to get right with a cordless drill instead of a big old mill.


Love the wishbone. What size tubing does it use? If you’re making a few of these I would defiantly buy some.