Steel road bike parts for sale

Steel 12 mm flat mout dropoits
Not sure of the angle derailleur hangers included
100$ cdn or trade

Paragon low mount 10 mm axle drop outs steel dont know the angle
40$ cdn or trade

Richard sachs Fork crown lug might have stere tube and for legs 55$ if I can find fork legs.

Head tube and bb lug 70$
single bb lug 35$

Track dropouts

Richard sachs drop outs 35$

fork drop outs 25$

steel brake bridges 10$ for un mitered 5$ for mitered

Fork drop outs 25$ each

cable guide /stops 1$ each

I am clearing out roadie stuff I got from another builder clearing out his stuff…I have extras I don’t use… I am a mtb/ bmx /DJ guy I thought I would do something with this but not really.
make me a offer for everything looking to trade for mtb/ bmx frame parts, or tig welding gear Furix cups tungsten optrel welding helmet. everything is located in Rossland BC canada could ship but would need to figure that out.


Fork parts and os headtube and bb lugs sold
Also track lugs sold and front disk brake drop out sold
And one set of Richard Sachs drop outs sold the 78 deg